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Aimee Nielson

I first developed my love of photography in college while taking a black and white class. The darkroom was amazing to me as I saw my images come to life. These days, camera equipment and computer technology have made me a lover of the digital darkroom as well.

I love listening to children's laughter, watching their introspective facial expressions, just being a spectator of their world. I love the family dynamic and observing how members interact with each other. I love seeing the excitement and anticipation of seniors and engaged couples. As a photographer, I want my work to reflect these things.

I hope you'll give me the chance to connect with your child, with your family, and offer you timeless works of art to tell your story and to help you recall the wonder of childhood and family life. I believe God has given me a good eye for creative, unique and meaningful photographs and I want to share it with you.